Again with the national/cultural parenting books? Seriously?

Why haven’t I written a book yet? Oh right, because I’m too busy parenting and being irritated by these goofy books. First there was the Tiger Mom. Now Pamela Druckerman is getting on the same gravy train sharing her parenting wisdom in Bringing Up Bébé: One American Mother Discovers the Wisdom of French Parenting. zzzzzzz.

Sorry, I must have dozed off there for a minute. The only thing more boring than these totally reductive tracts valorizing one culture’s parenting over another are the ridonkulous headlines cooked up by the WSJ when they excerpt them. Tiger Mom got “Why Chinese Mothers Are Superior,” and now Druckerman gets this highly original doozy: “Why French Parents Are Superior.”

I’m actually more likely to read a book about why French women don’t get fat (which I totally wouldn’t read because I don’t eat dairy) than I am to read any of these books. If you feel like you need to look across an ocean for parenting wisdom then yes, you are probably doing it wrong. Then again, maybe I’m a chump. I should be writing one of these stupid books and getting paid. I have nothing against parenting books but I prefer mine by developmental specialists, not Francophiles or mothers who identify with big cats.

Light Table Toys

Our light table is still getting heavy traffic, although it is competing with the bounce house for top billing, and before this week is over my kids will be getting a new play kitchen (there is already a small one in our kitchen under an unused breakfast bar, the new one is going in the play . . . → Read More: Light Table Toys

what seemed outrageous for one makes perfect sense for three.

That’s what I’m telling myself anyways. There’s a tunnel in our hallway that is turning into a semi-permanent fixture and the aforementioned giant light table is stationed in the family room. A second, bigger play kitchen on its way (thanks to my sisters, who are giving it to the kids for H-kah); the first will stay . . . → Read More: what seemed outrageous for one makes perfect sense for three.

Turn Your Train Table Into A Light Table

I look at awesome DIY projects for kids every single night after my own go to sleep. I usually don’t have any intention of making anything (that would require time and talent that I generally lack), but I keep up on the latest as an Ohdeedoh contributor. That makes me kind of an encyclopedia of OPP . . . → Read More: Turn Your Train Table Into A Light Table

Hanukkah Came Early This Year

and that window cling came from the dollar section at Target, and what you are looking at is an enormous light table in my family room!! Some of my favorite blogs including Play At Home Mom and Tinkerlab have been featuring fun activities with light tables lately. I decided that we need one (yes, need), but . . . → Read More: Hanukkah Came Early This Year

Tiny Prints Holiday Cards

We are longtime fans of Tiny Prints. I discovered the company when I was pregnant with my son in 2008, and when he was born we ordered our announcements from them. I was impressed by the beautiful designs, the high quality printing and card stock, and the ease of use on the site. When the twins . . . → Read More: Tiny Prints Holiday Cards

Toys For Three

When it was just my son I took great pleasure in choosing toys for him. I chose things that I thought he would love. Now my shopping compass is a little different. I watch my girls sitting in each others laps because they are competing for the lone kid-scaled seat. I catch the glint in the . . . → Read More: Toys For Three

The view up here.

The other day I was walking home from the park with my kids and enjoying the view of their feet. It has been my view on countless walks, with legs getting longer, feet getting bigger, passengers getting rowdier and funnier. As soon as I took the picture I realized that I should have taken . . . → Read More: The view up here.

No farts on the pillow.

I had pink eye as a kid. It sucked. I never thought about it again until I was in my 30s and in the third trimester of my first pregnancy, when I had the poor judgment to watch Knocked Up the night my husband returned from a bachelor party in Vegas. I know, . . . → Read More: No farts on the pillow.

Expecting twins?

I never posted the vitriolic response that I crafted in my brain to the Two Minus One NYT article. I’ve been too busy with the kids and trying to channel my energy in more constructive ways. Still, I’ve been wanting to update. Today was the third trip this week to the pediatrician’s office. . . . → Read More: Expecting twins?